The Science Behind Time Restricted Eating.







Thousands of people have already adopted Time Restricted Eating as their method for healthy long term weight loss as well as a method to improve their overall health.  This relatively young field of Circadian Biology was recently recognized in 2017 when the Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded to three scientists in the field of Circadian Biology.  The results and findings in this field are translating to individual health and weight loss; it is a lifestyle method that has been highlighted in the field of science for the past few decades. The key to Time Restricted Eating is that you are not changing what you eat, just the timing of eating.  By applying a bit of precision to reorganize eating time, a whole slew of sleeping genes previously unharnessed, turn on to boost your metabolism.  The persisting long term improvement in weight and health is the key difference between Time Restricted Eating and other diets.  It’s not a diet per say, it’s a lifestyle change that persists and becomes easier over time, and the health improvements reflect this overall shift in synchronizing those rhythm genes.  Our science section is a compilation of some of the pivotal studies in this field and some of the newer topics related to circadian rhythm genes, the genes that you turn on when you eat in a Time Restricted Eating manner.

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