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Actively practicing Board Certified Family Medicine doctor.
A leading expert in time restricted eating.


Dr. Julie Wei-Shatzel is a Family Medicine physician in Fair Oaks, California. She received her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from the University of Des Moines, Iowa.  She trained at Garden City Hospital in Michigan, Mercy hospital in Redding, as well as the Mercy Family Practice residency in Sacramento. Her undergraduate degree was in cell biochemistry from the University of California, San Diego. 

As an undergraduate, she was interested in learning how our cells work, and participated in studies evaluating tumor suppressor genes. Her special interest in Circadian Biology began in 2013 when she first learned about this field through Dr. Satchin Panda’s Lab research publications. The Panda lab’s groundbreaking study on the principles of Time Restricted Eating was, and still is, a complete paradigm shift in how metabolism is understood. Dr. Julie Wei-Shatzel was lucky enough to begin one of the earliest collaborative studies with Dr. Panda’s lab on Time Restricted Eating in people wishing to improve their metabolism. Dr. Julie Wei-Shatzel has guided thousands of patients through the use of this method tailored to their particular lifestyle.

– The Book –

Time Restricted Eating

A Look Into the Lifestyle

Time Restricted Eating A Look Into the Lifestyle introduces a paradigm shift in our understanding of metabolism. Time Restricted Eating brings together the realm of a daily fasting regimen to coincide with a person’s own circadian rhythm. These remarkable stories of disease recovery are encapsulated for the eader to help guide their own journey using Time Restricted Eating. Dr. Julie Wei-Shatzel shares the successful stories and the methods for applying Time Restricted Eating through her own personal jourey and that of her patients. The reader will leam how the precise timing of eating and fasting can translate into accelerated metabolism – and how this results in more optimal organ function.


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