Time Restricted Eating, NOT Another Diet

There’s so much in the realm of nutrition, and so many new and improved diets that are released every few months to weeks, I actually rely on my patients to […]

Salk Metabolic App

Time Restricted Feeding sounds like an easy enough concept, in fact the majority of my patients polled already believe they are within the 10 to 11 hour ideal eating time […]

The Circadian Code

Dr. Panda has finally released his long awaited book! “The Circadian Code” Dr. Panda as you probably already know is one of the forefathers behind the science of intermittent fasting.  It’s officially termed […]

How Much Do We Really Eat after 6pm?

How are your friends and neighbors eating? From research at the Panda lab at the Salk Institute in San Diego, most people are saving the last 1/3 of their entire […]

Diabetes Improvement with Time Restricted Eating

If you or a member of your family suffer from hyperglycemia or diabetes type 2, these are the familiar recommendations; lose weight, watch your carbohydrates and exercise.   However, these recommendations […]

Cold Temperatures Boost Your Metabolism

BROWN FAT AND METABOLISM Not having any variation in temperature exposure is affecting your metabolism! You have secret stores of brown fat located in various parts of your body.  Brown […]

A Brief History of the Earliest Circadian Rhythm Gene

The First Circadian Genes Before your circadian genes were discovered they were first discovered in the fruit fly.  Mutant fruit flies with damaged circadian genes lost their behavior.   They had abnormal […]