If you or a member of your family suffer from hyperglycemia or diabetes type 2, these are the familiar recommendations; lose weight, watch your carbohydrates and exercise.   However, these recommendations are not going to hone in on the core of the problem which is uncontrolled blood sugars.  Begin with the right solution by activating your own natural circadian rhythm with Time Restricted Eating.

Time Restricted Eating focuses in on the necessary changes to make disease improvement and reversal happen fast.  My patients begin by rearranging their medication.  Remember that even KALE can be toxic if eaten at the wrong time of day (after about 7pm) which means that medication for diabetes is also potentially toxic when taking at the wrong time of day (which is also typically after 7pm) Keep everything in a Time Restricted Eating window.

Changing medication dosing time is the first step to making sure your pancreas and liver are not working overtime and increasing toxicity of medication for you, but instead of working for you.  Work with your doctor before making any changes, and hopefully, your physician is familiar with this new field of circadian biology.

Just recently, a patient of mine with poorly controlled diabetes, reduced his hemoglobin a1c from 8.5% to a remarkable 7.7% over 6 weeks, with only 9 lbs of weight loss.  He didn’t change what he ate, nor his activity level, but using this dual approach of moving medications and food into a Time Restricted Eating window, his disease reversal began. Because this improvement happened in such a short time frame – recall that hemoglobin a1c is actually a reflection of the average blood sugar over 3 months, his results are probably even better than this nubmer because it’s only been a 6-week window. Getting this kind of improvement with medication alone would not be possible! Only through the activation of YOUR OWN circadian rhythm genes can these phenomenal improvements happen!

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