Health Coaching Services

Health Coaching Services

Time Restricted Eating Insiders Membership

What are your goals for wellness through weight loss? Have you achieved success in the past? Have you been putting off finding a wellness program because you haven’t found one that is personalized to you? Dr. Julie’s wellness work, is a journey she takes on with you. It is a partnership with you – which involves regular intervals of check in, as well as an individualized strategy, just for you. Dr. Julie’s experience utilizes a program called Time Restricted Eating, a method developed by the leading circadian scientist Dr. Satchin Panda. Dr. Julie has coached her clients into wellness through this method for nearly a decade, her book “Time Restricted Eating” is a brief compilation of a few of those cases. Using your personality style and your eating style, you and Dr. Julie will identify your archetype. Whether you are a Craftsman, Compassionate, a Virtuoso, an Entertainer or the Obliged, there is a painless and permanent path for your ongoing and progressive journey into wellness.

Insiders Memberhship

Membership for an Insider is your personal progress, honing in on your eating and fasting intervals, with personal coaching time with Dr. Julie Wei-Shatzel. For most optimal outcomes, 6 months of direct coaching provides the personal Rhythm reset for putting you on a permanent trajectory to your health goals. Although some clients prefer to continue even further with Dr. Julie Wei-Shatzel on this journey. This is the most comprehensive package for those who want a long term solution and a continuing path of wellness. You will receive monthly videos for club members on wellness topics, a monthly newsletter and direct feedback on your journaled eating pattern. At this membership level, Dr. Julie is your personal resource for your wellness questions, she will support your with your supplement profile, your exploration into alternative care modalities and your personal wellness journey.
Insiders Membership Includes:
Visits – Every other week (twice a month) 30 minute Televisit appointments, by zoom with Dr. Julie. Feedback – Direct feedback on your food journaling (which you will text to her) feedback weekly via text Supplements – vitamins for your specific situation may be suggested Labs – Dr. Julie will review your labs tests at your visit (ordered through or through your primary care physician)

One Time Tune up Visit

This is a tune up of what you are already doing. Perhaps you are already using Time Restricted Eating, and just need some direction or advice on optimizing your already ongoing success. This visit is for those who have already been coached by Dr. Julie Wei-Shatzel or have implemented Time Restricted Eating on their own with success, and would just like to see if they should continue on their current path or make some modifications along the way.
One Time visit Includes:
Visits – Dr. Julie recommends at least monthly visits, you decide how many visits you need and the frequency of visits. Labs – Dr. Julie will review your labs tests at your visit (ordered through or through your primary care physician) sit (ordered through or through your primary care physician)