How are your friends and neighbors eating? From research at the Panda lab at the Salk Institute in San Diego, most people are saving the last 1/3 of their entire days calories for after 6pm.  In other words, most people, take in the last 1/3 of their total calories in the evening after 6pm.  If you think about your body’s built-in systems, after 6pm calories means that your digestive system, is less capable of handling and working through these late evening calories -because nighttime hormones and pathways are already being turned on.  Melatonin is preparing its release, while stress hormones are being reduced at this time in the evening.  Bringing in a load of calories translates to more fat storage.  You are way ahead of the game, and your friends and neighbors if you are following Time Restricted Eating.

The most difficult pattern to break is likely snacking or having a beverage while watching our favorite shows in the evening.  This evening after 6pm time zone is the period of time to really observe what your nightly habits are.  Many of us are actually taking a few morsels here and there almost up until bedtime, remember, this counts into your total eating duration.  Begin Time Restricted Eating with just some personal observations of your own evening habits, but you’ll need a watch or clock to be accurate.

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