Time Restricted Feeding sounds like an easy enough concept, in fact the majority of my patients polled already believe they are within the 10 to 11 hour ideal eating time frame window.  “I already do that” is a common response I hear in the office, but the key to actually synchronizing those circadian rhythm genes, takes PRECISION.  So the problem with estimating your eating time frame and your fasting time frame is that our estimates tend to be overly optimistic.  This translates to about a 20% error rate in our ability to track our eating and fasting time, and that amount of error, the lack of precision by a mere 30 minutes to an hour, is enough to continue to let those metabolism genes stay quiet.

At our clinic in Folsom, we are using the SALK METABOLIC APP to track our patients who are participating in TRF, so they get the full effect of that internal mechanism to burn fat, and lose weight.  Using the tracking app is how Vivian, who was interviewed in the Wall Street Journal (health section 12/31/2017 Time Restricted Feeding) has successfully and continues to keep her weight off, eating how she normally and naturally eats.  She has used the app for the past several months, and has taken it to a new level where she has synchronized her metabolism so she can have her treats and enjoy them to.  She stays within her eating time frame, and her daily app graph proves it, using the tracking app is the first step to activating your circadian rhythm genes, don’t be fooled by a personal estimate, track it and see!

link to the app


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