Sunlight and Your Suprachiasmatic Nucleus

It’s sunlight and the photons of energy that directly bathe your eyes which sends a stream of signals to your brain, signals that tell your brain, it’s daytime and tell your body to activate it’s downstream daytime functions. This releases chemicals and transmitters that help your body activate functions like preparing for meals and digestion, readying your body to perform and manage stress, functions during the day that are very different than at night. Certain hormones are more active during the day than at night, and it’s the light from the sun, which helps our brain regulate the timing of these different activities. The region of your brain called the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus is a fancy name for this centralized region of the brain that is responsive to light. As if E.T.’s light emitting finger had a direct effect your brain, sunlight changes the activities in your brain and your downstream organs. The SCN translate light signals into other signals that essentially activate genes that regulate and control your physiology

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