There’s so much in the realm of nutrition, and so many new and improved diets that are released every few months to weeks, I actually rely on my patients to bring me information on the newest ‘fad’ diets out there.  Some of them have books they’ve read, or blogs or websites they’ve found online, or they’ve just watched a celebrity doctor on television propose the benefits of yet another diet.  But how about the science? There must be science to support some new discovery, some improved understanding of our metabolism, some data to show what works or would potentially work for those of us that want to achieve weight loss but the right way.  The attention to Time Restricted Eating is well deserved, as it comes directly from scientists. These researchers thousands of them from all over the world, working on research in this area, have dedicated their lifetimes to this field, a field that is named Circadian Biology to encompass all of the research that stems out of this group of genes.  These genes with names like CLOCK, PER(period), BMAL, and CRYS are code words for genes within every single one of us, nearly every single one of your genes, when activated at the right time, can unleash a whole slew of pathways never before accessed by you! That is the wonder of Time Restricted Eating was that these pathways were operating but silent within you all along, and you just need the right guidance and practice to make them work for you, for the rest of your life.  This is NOT another diet.

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