Using Time Restricted Eating, A Sample Day

Time Restricted Eating can work for anyone but if you are on diabetic medication or any blood sugar lowering medication you will want to work with your doctor. Time Restricted Eating is one of the most beneficial lifestyle changes you can make. I’ve looked at countless diets over the near two decades I’ve been practicing medicine, and not one of my patients has successfully gone more than 5 years without eventually going back to their normal eating pattern. But with Time Restricted Eating, I have observed directly, the continued impact and the continued persistence of its beneficial effects, over years.
This is key, TRE is so simple and elegant, it’s easy to take with you, for the long term, it is a habit that evolves with you and for you over time, not like a diet that eventually feels like it is working against you.
As a person learns to adapt their lifestyle to TRE, it’s something they do better with over time, there is not a dissipating effect as with most conventional diets.
A typical day on TRE starts with the first sip of beverage or bite of food at 7 or 8am and the last bite of their meal or dessert by 6 or 7pm, keeping the overall balance or ratio of fasting to eating time 12 hours and 12 hours, with a minimum of 12 hours or less overall eating time. The key is to be strict with that overall fasting time, because your internal body clock is keeping track of time so closely, it’s important that you are keeping track that closely as well, because even a 15 minute increment makes a difference in how many pathways you are activating.
Your goal is to activate as many pathways in metabolism as possible, and that happens at the very last hour to two hours during the fasting portion of your day, so it’s highly important not to cut short that time frame of fasting. And that is exactly what you are harnessing when you maintain a regular number of minimum hours of daily fasting 12 hours or more, and you are waking up the quiet metabolism genes that are ready to get to work for you.

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