Dr. Panda has finally released his long awaited book! “The Circadian Code” Dr. Panda as you probably already know is one of the forefathers behind the science of intermittent fasting. It’s officially termed Time Restricted Eating and the science behind this and so many other groundbreaking discoveries related to “light” and “blue light” are covered in this book. He covers everything from the most recent discoveries in the field of metabolism and fasting, to light and how it affects our mood and indirectly our waistlines. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their health, their sleep, their energy level, and their weight. If you read this, you will know more than your doctor in this new and very applicable to your health field of circadian biology. If you’ve ever been frustrated with figuring out why your metabolism doesn’t work the way you would expect, Dr. Panda covers the very core methods to necessary to adopt in order to tap into our circadian rhythm genes. I couldn’t believe how much science he covered in such an elegant and easy to understand way, Dr. Panda explains concepts in a manner that simplifies it for the rest of us!

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