On the Shoulder of Giants

“Guess who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine?” my husband asks me, holding a copy of the Wall Street Journal in his hand.  It was late, and I was completely […]

Time Restricted Eating Encounter “Jen”

I saw “Jen” today in the office, and her challenge has been curbing her evening time grazing. She has been struggling to fit TRE into her lifestyle, she has small […]

The Circadian Code

Dr. Panda has finally released his long awaited book! “The Circadian Code” Dr. Panda as you probably already know is one of the forefathers behind the science of intermittent fasting. […]

Body Clocks

It is the Circadian Clock genes which are within nearly all cells of the body, the brain and organs have the ability to keep close track of time.  This timekeeping […]

All Things Inflammatory

You already make daily attempts to avoid all things inflammatory, you avoid eating processed foods whenever possible, you read labels, you exercise regularly and eat a healthy serving of fruits […]